Author: Adina Antonucci

Parmigiano Broth

Some people know the secret of adding a leftover parm rind to a pot of soup for subtle depth in flavor, but did you know you can make a delicious broth using just the rinds themselves? Perfect for an elegant and unexpected risotto, a warming bean soup, or tortellini en brodo, this is the cozy winter broth I never knew I needed.

Beans & Escarole

One of the hallmarks of Italian-American comfort food, the classic combination of greens and beans is simple and undeniably satisfying. Welcome to one of my Italian-kitchen workhorses.  With a flexible base of just four ingredients—beans, greens, garlic and fat—this dish can be enjoyed at its most basic form or elevated from its humble roots and transformed into an entire meal. Most Italian cooks utilize the dreamy combination in one way or another. On its own, it’s my perfect side dish to pair with roasted chicken. More on that later. You can also use this base for a warming soup, a killer pasta dish, or serve it with a couple of fried eggs for a quick lunch, all of which I do often. Proof: greens and beans pasta and my pink greens and beans pasta. See, I told you.  The reason I almost always serve this with my splayed roast chicken is because of one word. Two, if you’re not up for fun Yiddish words. Schmaltz, otherwise and less-interestingly known as rendered poultry fat, elevates classic beans & escarole and …