My name is Adina Antonucci. I started this blog because my friends and family grew tired of me sending them pictures of what I made for dinner without an accompanying recipe.

While I did spend time in Italy—learning how to cook at Florence University of the Art’s APICIUS, spot secret bakeries after midnight, and live like an Italian—I’m mostly a self-taught chef.

Although I work a full-time job, I cook nearly every night of the week—a doable, delicious meal inspired by my Italian roots. If you’re looking for stir fry, you’re in the wrong place!

I really believe in the importance of cooking at home, searching for quality ingredients, and keeping it simple while still honoring tradition. I may not be in Italy anymore, but I try my best to live like an Italian—slowing down for dinner, gathering around the table, and eating lots of pasta.

Here on Adina Cucina, you’ll find my Italian-inspired recipes and the personal stories behind them.


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